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Multimedia Applications


The Communication Systems Group of the TU Berlin, led by Prof. Dr. Thomas Sikora, employed their results of multimedia analysis and processing in a couple of innovative multimedia applications and was involved in many national and international funded projects related to multimedia applications. The following list gives an overview of research areas we are involved in:

  • 2D-to-3D conversion of videos (automatic and interactive)
  • Geo-tagging in social networks
  • Genre detection in TV broadcast
  • Security in public transportation systems
  • Information exploitation of forensic data
  • Security at big events using drones
  • Privacy protection in video data
  • etc.

    Research Activities

    DeepStereoBrush: Interactive Depth Map Creation


    In this paper, we introduce a novel interactive depth map creation approach for image sequences which uses depth scribbles as input at user-defined keyframes. These scribbled depth values are then propagated within these keyframes and across the entire sequence using a 3-dimensional geodesic distance transform (3D-GDT). In order to further improve the depth estimation of the intermediate frames, we make use of a con-volutional neural network (CNN) in an unconventional manner. Our process is based on online learning which allows us to specifically train a disposable network for each sequence individually using the user generated depth at keyframes along with corresponding RGB images as training pairs. mehr zu: DeepStereoBrush: Interactive Depth Map Creation

    Multimodal Geo-tagging in Social Media Websites using Hierarchical Spatial Segmentation

    FG NUE

    These days the sharing of photographs and videos is very popular in social networks. Many of these social media web- sites such as Flickr, Facebook and Youtube allows the user to manually label their uploaded videos with geo-information using a interface for dragging them into the map. However, the manually labelling for a large set of social media is still borring and error-prone. For this reason we present a hierarchical, multi-modal approach for estimating the GPS information. Our approach makes use of external resources like gazetteers to extract toponyms in the metadata and of visual and textual features to identify similar content. mehr zu: Multimodal Geo-tagging in Social Media Websites using Hierarchical Spatial Segmentation

    Related Publications






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      Received the Scott Helt Memorial Award for the best paper published in the IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting in 2011.
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    • Sebastian Knorr
      2D-to-3D conversion: market overview, conversion workflow and basic rules for good 3D (invited lecture)
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    • Kai Ide, Thomas Sikora
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    • Sebastian Knorr
      Überblick über aktuelle Verfahren zur 2D-3D-Filmkonvertierung (lecture)
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