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Prof. Thomas Sikora of Technical University Berlin receives prestigious 2016 Google Faculty Research Award in Machine Perception


Congrats to Prof. Sikora and his Communication Systems Lab members at TU Berlin, Lieven Lange, Rolf Jongebloed, and the colleagues from Uni Ghent/iMinds Lab, Ruben Verhack (joint PhD between TUB & iMind Lab Uni Ghent), Prof. Peter Lambert and Dr. Glenn van Walllendael. The award was given for his work on Video Compression with Steered-Mixture-of-Experts Networks. Research at the TUB Lab focuses on novel  speech, audio, image, video and light field representation and compression architectures. The work takes a drastic departure from existing JPEG, MPEG/ITU image pixel and audio sample representations. The annual Google Research Awards  are dedicated to promote world-class research in computer science and related topics including machine learning, machine perception, natural language processing, networking, security and systems.  The 2016 Google Award subject areas that received the most support were machine learning, machine perception, networking and systems. The majority of the awards went to recipients in USA, with researchers from UC Berkeley, Cornell University, Stanford Uni,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) attracting highest numbers of individual awards in different categories.  Only a small fraction of the awards went to European researchers. This includes research groups at Universities of Oxford and Cambridge as well as ETH Zurich and the award to TU Berlin. The full list of award recipients can be found below: http://services.google.com/fh/files/blogs/v3_final.pdf https://ai.google/research/outreach/faculty-research-awards/recipients/?category=2016      



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