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Towards 3-D Scene Reconstruction from Broadcast Video
Citation key 1055Imre2007
Author Evren Imre and Sebastian Knorr and Burak Ozkalayci and Ugur Topay and A. Aydin Alatan and Thomas Sikora
Year 2007
Journal Signal Processing: Image Communication
Month jan
Note E. Imre, B. Özkalayci, U. Topay, A. A. Alatan: Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Abstract Three-dimensional (3-D) scene reconstruction from broadcast video is a challenging problem with many potential applications, such as 3-D TV, free-view TV, augmented reality or three-dimensionalization of two-dimensional (2-D) media archives. In this paper, a flexible and effective system capable of efficiently reconstructing 3-D scenes from broadcast video is proposed, with the assumption that there is relative motion between camera and scene/objects. The system requires no a priori information and input, other than the video sequence itself, and capable of estimating the internal and external camera parameters and performing a 3-D motion-based segmentation, as well as computing a dense depth field. The system also serves as a showcase to present some novel approaches for moving object segmentation, sparse and dense reconstruction problems. According to the simulations for both synthetic and real data, the system achieves a promising performance for typical TV content, indicating that it is a significant step towards the 3-D reconstruction of scenes from broadcast video.
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