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Selective Streaming of Multi-View Video for Head-Tracking 3D Displays
Citation key 1111Kurutepe2007
Author Engin Kurutepe and M. Reha Civanlar and A. Murat Tekalp
Title of Book International Conference on Image Processing
Year 2007
Address San Antonio, TX, USA
Month sep
Organization IEEE
Abstract We present a novel client-driven multi-view video streaming system that allows a user watch 3-D video interactively with significantly reduced bandwidth requirements by transmitting a small number of views selected according to his/her head position. The proposed scheme can be used to efficiently stream a dense set of multi-view sequences (light-fields) or wider baseline multi-view sequences together with depth information. The user's head position is tracked and predicted into the future to select the views that best match the user's current viewing angle dynamically. Prediction of future head positions is needed so that views matching the predicted head positions can be requested from the server ahead of time in order to account for delays due to network transport and stream switching. Highly compressed, lower quality versions of some other views are also requested in order to provide protection against having to display the wrong view when the current user viewpoint differs from the predicted viewpoint. The proposed system makes use of multi-view coding (MVC) and scalable video coding (SVC) concepts together to obtain improved compress ion efficiency while providing flexibility in bandwidth allocation to the selected views. Rate-distortion performance of the proposed system is demonstrated under different experimental conditions.
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