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Weighted Temporal Long Trajectory Filtering for Video Compression
Citation key 1348Esche2012
Author Marko Esche and Alexander Glantz and Andreas Krutz and Michael Tok and Thomas Sikora
Title of Book Proceedings of the 29th IEEE Picture Coding Symposium (PCS 2012)
Year 2012
Address Kraków, Poland
Month may
Note ISBN: 978-1-4577-2048-2
Organization IEEE
Abstract In the context of the HEVC standardization activity, in-loop filters such as the adaptive loop filter and the deblocking filter are currently under investigation. Both filters work in the spatial domain only, despite the temporal correlation within video sequences. In this work a previously introduced filter, that uses temporal information for deblocking and denoising instead, is integrated into the HEVC test model HM 3.0. It is shown how the filter is to be adapted to work in combination with the adaptive loop filter for the HEVC low-delay profile. In addition, an optimal weighting function for the filtered luma samples based on the qunatization parameter is derived. Bit rate reductions of up to 7.6% are reported for individual sequences.
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