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K-Space at TRECVid 2008
Citation key 1191Wilkins2008
Author P. Wilkins and D. Byrne and Gareth J.F.Jones and H. Lee and G. Keenan and K. McGuinness and N. E. O'Connor and N. O'Hare and A. F. Smeaton and T. Adamek and R. Troncy and A. Amin and R. Benmokhtar and E. Dumont and B. Huet and B. Merialdo and G. Tolias and E. Spyrou and Y. Avrithis and G. Th. Papadopoulous and V. Mezaris and I. Kompatsiaris and R. Mörzinger and P. Schallauer and W. Bailer and K. Chandramouli and E. Izquierdo and Lutz Goldmann and Martin Haller and Amjad Samour and Andreas Cobet and Thomas Sikora and P. Praks and D. Hannah and M. Halvey and F. Hopfgartner and R. Villa and P. Punitha and A. Goyal and J. M. Jose
Title of Book Proceedings of the TRECVID Workshop 2008
Year 2008
Address Gaithersburg, Maryland USA
Month nov
Note Oral Presentation
Abstract In this paper we describe K-Space’s participation in TRECVid 2008 in the interactive search task. For 2008 the K-Space group performed one of the largest interactive video information retrieval experiments conducted in a laboratory setting. We had three institutions participating in a multi-site multi-system experiment. In total 36 users participated, 12 each from Dublin City University (DCU, Ireland), University of Glasgow (GU, Scotland) and Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI, the Netherlands). Three user interfaces were developed, two from DCU which were also used in 2007 as well as an interface from GU. All interfaces leveraged the same search service. Using a latin squares arrangement, each user conducted 12 topics, leading in total to 6 runs per site, 18 in total. We officially submitted for evaluation 3 of these runs to NIST with an additional expert run using a 4th system. Our submitted runs performed around the median. In this paper we will present an overview of the search system utilized, the experimental setup and a preliminary analysis of our results.
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