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Rushes Video Summarization using a Collaborative Approach
Citation key 1150Dumont2008
Author Emilie Dumont and Bernard Merialdo and Slim Essid and Werner Bailer and Herwig Rehatschek and Daragh Byrne and Hervé Bredin and Noel E. O'Connor and Gareth J.F. Jones and Alan F. Smeaton and Martin Haller and Andreas Krutz and Thomas Sikora and Tomas Piatrik
Title of Book TRECVID BBC Rushes Summarization Workshop (TVS 2008) at ACM Multimedia 2008, Vancouver, Canada
Pages 90–94
Year 2008
Address Vancouver, BC, Canada
Month oct
Note ISBN 978-1-60558-303-7
Editor ACM, Paul Over, Alan Smeaton, Wessel Kraaij
Publisher National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Washington, DC, USA
Organization ACM
Abstract This paper describes the video summarization system developed by the partners of the K-Space European Network of Excellence for the TRECVID 2008 BBC rushes summarization evaluation. We propose an original method based on individual content segmentation and selection tools in a collaborative system. Our system is organized in several steps. First, we segment the video, secondly we identify relevant and redundant segments, and finally, we select a subset of segments to concatenate and build the final summary with video acceleration incorporated. We analyze the performance of our system through the TRECVID evaluation.
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