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Extending H.264/AVC with a Background Sprite Prediction Mode
Citation key 1149Kunter2008
Author Matthias Kunter and Philipp Krey and Andreas Krutz and Thomas Sikora
Title of Book 15th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Proceedings ICIP 2008, October, San Diego, California, USA
Pages 2128–2131
Year 2008
Address United States
Month oct
Note ISBN 978-1-4244-1764-3 ; ISSN 1522-4880
Editor Rama Chellappa, Bernd Girod, Gang Qian
Publisher IEEE
Organization IEEE Signal Processing Society
Abstract The latest standardized hybrid video codec, H.264/AVC, significantly outperforms earlier video coding standards. Despite combining improved and new algorithms within this codec, it is still possible to find methods which lead to a higher coding efficiency. We tackle the prediction problem adding a new prediction mode to the codec. It has been shown that the generation of a background sprite image containing all the background information of a certain sequence is very useful e.g. for object-based video coding. We use a pre-generated background sprite image for creating a new prediction mode in the encoder loop. For the current frame to be compensated, blocks reconstructed from the background sprite are used beside the remaining modes to calculate the residual. The rate-distortion optimization decides which mode is taken. Experimental results show the improvement using the new sprite prediction (SP) mode with the considered test sequences.
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