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Noise Filtering Method for Color Images based on LDA and Nonlinear Diffusion
Citation key 1151Kim2008
Author Woong Hee Kim and Thomas Sikora
Title of Book IEEE Int. Conference on Multimedia & Expo, ICME 2008, Proceedings, Hannover, Germany
Pages 1017–1020
Year 2008
Address Hannover, Germany
Month jun
Note ISBN 978-1-4244-2571-6
Editor Jörn Ostermann, Touradj Ebrahimi, Oscar Au
Publisher IEEE Press
Organization IEEE ICME
Abstract The purpose of noise filtering for images is to preserve features such as edge or corners in images, while reducing noise. Recent noise filtering algorithms based on diffusion equation shows the satisfactory results to some extent, if the noise is additive Gaussian noise.However, if the noise is not additive Gaussian noise, the filtering result is not satisfactory. In this paper, we propose a noise filtering method for color images based on LDA and nonlinear diffusion, which makes use of a common diffusion control. Experimental results with images degraded by additive Gaussian noise, salt and pepper noise, and multiplicative noise are presented.
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