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LSAS, Second International Workshop on Learning Semantics of Audio Signals, Proceedings, June 21, 2008, IRCAM, Paris, France
Citation key 1177Burred2008
Year 2008
Address Paris, Frankreich
Volume Juni 2008
Month jun
Note ISBN: 978-3-9804874-7-4 ; TAGU-//-BURR-08
Editor Juan José Burred, Andreas Nürnberger, Geoffroy Peeters, Sebastian Stober
Publisher IRCAM
Series Proceedings
Abstract The workshop managed to gather a multidisciplinary group of researchers and included presentations covering signal-processing, social, musicological and usability aspects of semantic audio analysis. Topics: mapping between audio features and contextual interpretation, description of music contents, models describing how music is perceived, methods for extraction, analysis and representation of linguistic descriptions of music, audio features and analysis of music structure, personalization.
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