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Multiple-Description Coding of Speech using Forward Error Correction Codes
Citation key 1081Clüver2007
Author Kai Clüver and Jan Weil and Thomas Sikora
Title of Book 15th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2007)
Pages 1377–1381
Year 2007
Address Poznań, Poland
Month sep
Abstract A flexible framework is presented which performs multiple-description coding of speech signals with two or more channels. The use of forward error correction codes together with a layered speech codec permits encoding into more than two descriptions without excessive increase in complexity. Results of a formal MOS listening test reveal considerable improvements in robustness as long as base layer quality and the number of descriptions are chosen appropriately. A modification of the original encoding scheme allows trading off bit rate savings against robustness to extreme channel conditions. Different coding schemes can easily be compared using a real-time demonstrator software.
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