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An Accurate Timbre Model for Musical Instruments and its Application to Classification
Citation key 1033Burred2006
Author Juan José Burred and Axel Röbel and Xavier Rodet
Title of Book First Workshop on Learning the Semantics of Audio Signals
Year 2006
Address Athens
Month dec
Note Axel Röbel, Xavier Rodet: IRCAM, Paris
Abstract A compact, general and accurate model of the timbral characteristics of musical instruments can be used as a source of a priori knowledge for music content analysis applications such as transcription and instrument classification, as well as for source separation. We develop a timbre model based on the spectral envelope that meets these requirements and relies on additive analysis, Principal Component Analysis and database training. We put special emphasis on the issue of frequency misalignment when training an instrument model with notes of different pitches, and show that a spectral representation involving frequency interpolation results in an improved model. Finally, we show the performance of the developed model when applied to musical instrument classification.
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