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Thomas Sikora (2005). Trends and Perspectives in Image and Video Coding. Proceedings of the IEEE, 6–17.

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Simone Croci, Cagri Ozcinar, Emin Zerman, Sebastian Knorr, Julian Cabrera and Aljosa Smolic (2020). Visual Attention-Aware Quality Estimation Framework for Omnidirectional Video using Spherical Voronoi Diagram. Quality and User Experience. Springer.

Thilo Thiede and G. Steinke (1994). Arbeitsweise und Eigenschaften von Verfahren zur gehörrichtigen Qualitätsbewertung von bitratenreduzierten Audiosignalen. Rundfunktechnische Mitteilungen,, 102–114.

E. Cooke and P. Kauff and T. Sikora (2006). Multi-view synthesis: A novel viev creation approach for free viewpoint video. Signal Processing/ Imgae Communication, 476–492.

Sebastian Knorr and Matthias Kunter and Thomas Sikora (2008). Stereoscopic 3D from 2D Video with Super-Resolution Capability. Signal Processing: Image Communication, 665–676.

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Evren Imre and Sebastian Knorr and Burak Ozkalayci and Ugur Topay and A. Aydin Alatan and Thomas Sikora (2007). Towards 3-D Scene Reconstruction from Broadcast Video. Signal Processing: Image Communication

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Roman Dudek and Simone Croci and Aljosa Smolic and Sebastian Knorr (2019). Robust Global and Local Color Matching in Stereoscopic Omnidirectional Content. Signal Processing: Image Communication, 231–241.

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Stephan A. Rein; Frank H.P. Fitzek; Clemens Gühmann; Thomas Sikora (2015). Evaluation of the wavelet image two-line coder: A low complexity scheme for image compression. Signal Processing: Image Communication, 58–74.

Hajer Fradi and Volker Eiselein and Jean-Luc Dugelay and Ivo Keller and Thomas Sikora (2015). Spatio-Temporal Crowd Density Model in a Human Detection and Tracking Framework. Signal Processing: Image Communication, 100–111.

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Marina Georgia Arvanitidou and Michael Tok and Alexander Glantz and Andreas Krutz and Thomas Sikora (2013). Motion-based object segmentation using hysteresis and bidirectional inter-frame change detection in sequences with moving camera. Signal Processing: Image Communication, 1420–1434.

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Sebastian Knorr and Kai Ide and Matthias Kunter and and Thomas Sikora (2012). THE AVOIDANCE OF VISUAL DISCOMFORT AND BASIC RULES FOR PRODUCING “GOOD 3D” PICTURES. SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, 72–79.

Sila Ekmekci (2000). Encoding and Reconstruction of Incomplete 3D Video Objects. Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 1198–1207.

L. Jia and Mrinal Mandal and Thomas Sikora (2006). Efficient Disparity Estimation using Region based Segmentation and Multistage Feedback. WSEAS Transactions on Communications, 1577–1584.

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