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K-Space at TRECVid 2006
Zitatschlüssel 1041Wilkins2006
Autor P. Wilkins and T. Adamek and P. Ferguson and M. Hughes and G. J. F. Jones and G. Keenan and K. McGuinness and J. Malobabic and N. E. O‘Connor and D. Sadlier and A. F. Smeaton and R. Benmokhtar and E. Dumont and B. Huet and B. Merialdo and E. Spyrou and G. Koumoulos and Y. Avrithis and R. Moerzinger and P. Schallauer and W. Bailer and Q. Zhang and T. Piatrik and K. Chandramouli and E. Izquierdo and Lutz Goldmann and Martin Haller and Thomas. Sikora and P. Praks and J. Urban and X. Hilaire and J. M. Jose
Buchtitel Proceedings of the TRECVid Workshop
Jahr 2006
Adresse Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
Monat nov
Zusammenfassung In this paper we describe the K-Space participation in TRECVid 2006. K-Space participated in two tasks, high-level feature extraction and search. We present our approaches for each of these activities and provide a brief analysis of our results. Our high-level feature submission made use of support vector machines (SVMs) created with low-level MPEG-7 visual features, fused with specific concept detectors. Search submissions were both manual and automatic and made use of both low- and high-level features. In the high-level feature extraction submission, four of our six runs achieved performance above the TRECVid median, whilst our search submission performed around the median. The K-Space team consisted of eight partner institutions from the EU-funded K-Space Network, and our submissions made use of tools and techniques from each partner. As such this paper will provide overviews of each partner’s contributions and provide appropriate references for specific descriptions of individual components.
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