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A Lossless Audio Compression Scheme with Random Access Property
Zitatschlüssel 0784Yang2004
Autor D. Yang and T. Moriya and Tilman Liebchen
Buchtitel IEEE ICASSP 2004
Jahr 2004
Adresse Montreal, Canada
Monat may
Notiz D. Yang: University of Southern California; T. Moriya: NTT Cyber Space Labs
Zusammenfassung In this paper, we propose an efficient lossless coding algorithm that not only handles both PCM format data and IEEE floatingpoint format data, but also provides end users with random access property. In the worst-case scenario, where the proposed algorithm was applied to artificially generated full 32-bit floating-point sound files with 48- or 96-kHz sampling frequencies, an average compression rate of more than 1.5 and 1.7, respectively, was still achieved, which is much better than the average compression rate of less than 1.1 achieved by general purpose lossless coding algorithm gzip. Moreover, input sound files with samples’ magnitude out-of-range can also be perfectly reconstructed by our algorithm.
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