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Analysis and Comparison of Color Transfer Algorithms for 3D Point Clouds
Zitatschlüssel potechius2021
Autor Herbert Potechius and Thomas Sikora and Sebastian Knorr
Jahr 2021
Journal Elsevier Signal Processing: Image Communication (Status: Submitted)
Zusammenfassung In this paper, we analyse and compare state-of-the-art color transfer algorithms, which were originally developed for 2D images, for 3D point clouds. In particular, we transfer the color distribution of a given reference 3D point cloud or reference 2D image to a source 3D point cloud in order to change the illumination of the scene. Color transfer of 3D models might become an important task in AR and VR applications where e.g. an existing 3D model needs to be updated in real-time according to scene changes like displaced objects and illumination changes. In order to better compare the results of the color transfer algorithms, we created a data set of 3D point clouds consisting of the Replica Dataset and an own reconstruction of an indoor scene under different lighting conditions, and applied two comparison methods for an objective evaluation, namely histogram comparison and voxel comparison, which will be described in detail in this paper.
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