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Analysis of Intended Viewing Area vs Estimated Saliency on Narrative Plot Structures in VR Video
Zitatschlüssel 1580Fearghail2019
Autor Colm O Fearghail and Sebastian Knorr and Aljosa Smolic
Buchtitel International Conference on 3D Immersion
Jahr 2019
Adresse Brussels, Belgium
Zusammenfassung In cinematic virtual reality film one of the primary challenges from a storytelling perceptive is that of leading the attention of the viewers to ensure that the narrative is understood as desired. Methods from traditional cinema have been applied to varying levels of success. This paper explores the use of a saliency convolutional neural network model and measures it against the intending viewing area as denoted by the creators and the ground truth as to where the viewers actually looked. This information could then be used to further increase the effectiveness of a directors ability to focus attention in cinematic VR.
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