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UA-DETRAC 2018: Report of AVSS2018 & IWT4S Challenge on Advanced Traffic Monitoring
Zitatschlüssel 1560Lyu2018
Autor Siwei Lyu and Ming-Ching Chang and Dawei Du and Wenbo Li and Yi Wei and Marco Del Coco and Pierluigi Carcagnì and Arne Schumann and Bharti Munjal and Dinh-Quoc-Trung Dang and Doo-Hyun Choi and Erik Bochinski and Fabio Galasso and Filiz Bunyak and Guna Seetharaman,Jang-Woon Baek and Jong Taek Lee and Kannappan Palaniappan and Kil-Taek Lim and Kiyoung Moon and Kwang-Ju Kim and Lars Sommer and Meltem Brandlmaier and Min-Sung Kang and Moongu Jeon and Noor M. Al-Shakarji and Oliver Acatay and Pyong-Kun Kim and Sikandar Amin and Thomas Sikora and Tien Dinh and Tobias Senst and Vu-Gia-Hy Che and Young-Chul Lim and Young-min Song and and Yun-Su Chung
Buchtitel IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signals-based Surveillance
Jahr 2018
Adresse Auckland, New Zealand
Monat nov
Notiz ISBN: 978-1-5386-9294-3/18
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