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Assessing Post-Detection Filters for a Generic Pedestrian Detector in a Tracking-By-Detection Scheme
Zitatschlüssel 1509Eiselein2017
Autor Volker Eiselein and Erik Bochinski and Thomas Sikora
Buchtitel Analysis of video and audio "in the Wild" workshop at IEEE AVSS 2017
Seiten 1–6
Jahr 2017
Adresse Lecce, Italy
Monat aug
Notiz ISBN:978-1-5386-2939-0/17
Zusammenfassung Tracking-by-detection becomes more and more popular for visual pedestrian tracking applications. However, it requires accurate and reliable detections in order to obtain good results. In this work, we propose two different post-detection filters designed to enhance the performance of custom person detectors. Using a popular deformable-parts-based pedestrian detector as a baseline, a detailed comparison over multiple test videos is performed and the gain of both algorithms is proven. Further analysis shows that the improved detection outcomes also lead to improved tracking results. We thus found that the usage of the proposed post-detection filters is recommendable as they do not impose a high computational load and are not limited to a specific detector method.
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