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Creation of 360° Light Fields using Concentric Mosaics with Varying Slit Widths
Zitatschlüssel 1579Knorr2019
Autor Sebastian Knorr and Matthias Knoblauch and Thomas Sikora
Buchtitel European Light Field Imaging Workshop
Jahr 2019
Adresse Borovets, Bulgaria
Monat jun
Zusammenfassung In this paper, we present a detailed procedure to capture high spatial resolution 360° cylindrical light fields using the approach of concentric mosaics. We therefore use a DSLR camera which is mounted off-centered on a horizontal bar and rotated with a fixed radius. Due to the off-centered arrangement, a 360° image can be created by stitching together predefined columns of each image captured at a certain angle, the so called slit images. By changing the height of the camera after a full rotation, an array of 360° images with horizontal and vertical angular resolution can be created. We then evaluate the impact of varying slit image widths with respect to storage requirements, capture time and resulting image quality.
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